Fixture construction for your laser machine and ECM system

The quality of assembly, laser- and ECM-machining greatly depends on the fixture. Development, constructive design, and construction of fixtures take place in ideal coordination with the machine concept in our factory. Fixtures for laser machining and ECM-fixtures require, in particular, a high degree of experience in order to meet the process requirements.


Jig manufacturing for laser machining

Fixtures are the core of each laser-processing machine and contribute decisively to the success of a machining job. We develop and manufacture your part-specific fixtures right from the prototype up to the series fixture – laser-compatible and process-reliable. Your work pieces will be positioned and clamped with high repeat accuracy.


We rely on clamping systems with standardised and configurable interfaces for mechanics and media, thus ensuring utmost precision, reproducibility and time saving due to minimised set-up expenditure.


Our comprehensive experience gained with the focussed laser beam will flow into constructive design to achieve a permanent and high-quality result.


Jig manufacturing for electrochemical metalworking

The machining quality greatly depends on the ECM-fixture. We analyse your machining job and create a fixture concept. In our application centre, we can perform sample machining processes where you may recognise the efficiency of the process.
Development, constructive design, and construction of ECM-fixtures take place in ideal coordination with the machine concept in our factory. As a matter of course, you will also get fixtures from us for already existent systems or we will manufacture and deliver special fixture elements to you according to your specifications.

Efficiency thanks to intelligent ECM-fixtures.
  • Machining of several work pieces at the same time
  • Machining of several spots on one work piece
  • Selective machining of a work piece to generate various edge chamfers.