laser welding of bipolar plates
pump hub for differentials

Welding assemblies for hybrid- and e-motor ...

SITEC manufactures customer products for various fields of application. The products and services are created in close co-operation with the in-house and established machine and plant construction.


Power train and chassis components

  • Production and processing of pump hubs, synchronous wheels, planetary- and rotor carriers, constant velocity joint for conventional, hybrid and E-drives

  • Processing of trailer couplings



  • ECM precision processing of injectors in modern diesel engines
  • Production of throttling elements for fuel injection
  • Production of hydrogen distribution pipes
  • Laser processing of spark plugs


Safety and comfort

  • Production of case components for parking heaters
  • Processing of valve seats and magnetic valves
  • Production of gas generator housings for air bags


Renewable energies


Further applications e.g. telecommunication, measurement technology and medical devices

  • Laser processing of sensors and glass components
  • Laser precision production of medical sheets
  • Production of nozzles, membrane, micro filters, carrier plates and industrial diamonds