automated assembly and laser machine for diesel injection components
view in a laser machine with active fully automated robot
laser welding process

Automated production systems for the automotive industry

For 30 years, SITEC has been supplying scalable production systems for automated assembly, laser material processing and ECM deburring - process-safe and economical at the same time. Innovations and new products generally require investment in new production systems or adjustments to existing production lines. In both cases we can support you with comprehensive know-how.


Realised production systems


Electrics and Electronics Battery clamps
Battery technology
High-voltage connectors
Power electronics
Cell conectors
Hydrogen Fuel cells
Bipolar plates
48V systems

Electrical oil and coolant water pumps
Stator hair pins
Stator stacks

Fuel system AdBlue dosing units
Common rails
Spark plugs
Engine and power units Exhaust systems
High-pressure pumps
Proportional valves
Transmission Ring gears
Disc carrier
Shifting forks
Gear wheels
Safety systems Anti-blocking system (ABS)
Steering wheel airbags
Side airbags
Seats Seat adjustment
Heating and cooling

Heat exchangers


Chassis Drive shafts
Steering components
Shock absorbers

Alternative to plant investment: We manufacture for you in series according to IATF 16949.