Goodbye weld spatter - clean welding by SITEC

The advantages of laser welding under negative pressure, in comparison with conventional laser welding of components under atmospheric pressure, include weld spatter that is virtually non-existent, excellent weld seam qualities, and the ability to achieve the same penetration depth with less laser power or greater penetration depths with the same laser power.


Unlike electron beam welding, which requires a fine vacuum of approximately 10-4 millibar, laser welding under negative pressure can be done even at pressures of 100 to 10 millibar. This results in significantly lower effort and costs for vacuum generation, and effectively reduces evacuation times. Existing SITEC series production systems currently have evacuation times of 1 second.



With the flexible integration of a proprietary negative-pressure chamber, “clean welding by SITEC” will now be offered as a standard solution in the established laser machine series LS and in laser special-purpose systems.


Use of "clean welding":

  • production of rotationally symmetrical components, primarily used in powertrains
  •  conventionally weldable materials
  • aluminium, copper or difficult to weld materials with high-quality results
  • aluminium alloys with virtually pore-free weld seams


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