micro processing with laser technology

Production of precision components

For many years SITEC has been combining mechanical precision processing and laser micro processing for the production of smallest and high-precision components. Our product portfolio in precision processing includes components and assemblies such as nozzles, medical films, membranes, micro filters, carrier plates and industrial diamonds.


No matter which challenges you face – we are happy to support you with your product and process development and produce prototypes as well as small and large series according to IATF 16949. Alternatively, we deliver customized laser machines for micro processing including 24/7 service all over the world.


We produce your precision parts on high-precision mechanical CNC machining centers and laser machines for micro processing. Depending on your requirements we use CW Lasers as well as short-pulse and ultrashort pulse lasers in infrared, green and ultraviolet wavelengths



  • Stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Semiconductors, such as silicon, silicon carbide or organic semiconductors
  • Polymers
  • non-organic non-metallic materials such as ceramics and glass


Laser micro processing - structuring and ablation

Performance characteristics

  • No structural and color change due to minimal heat input
  • Layer ablation in sub micrometer range
  • Edge steepness for deep ablation adjustable as required
  • High reproducibility

Typical applications

  • Functionalization of surfaces
  • Creating complex 3D freeform surfaces
  • Selective ablation of thin film layers without damaging the carrier substrates
  • Structuring of coated components
  • Creating micro structures as canal systems for micro fluid applications
  • Partial insertion of defined roughness values
  • Improvement of bio compatibility of implants
  • Improvement of frictional properties
  • Cleaning / polishing of sensitive surfaces (removing adhesives and coating residues)


Laser micro processing - cutting and drilling

Performance characteristics

  • Creating cylindrical, conical and elliptical drilling forms
  • Sharp-edged, burr-free contours
  • Smallest wall thicknesses and ridge widths
  • Surface roughness Ra < 0,2 μm
  • Random 2D geometries
  • Accuracy of the 2D geometry ≥ 1 μm

Typical applications

  • Creating of micro-sized holes up to thousands of holes per minute
  • Drilling of filter elements, strainers and wafers for solar panels
  • Precision cutting of thin metal sheets and foils from 0,01 mm
  • Precision cutting with high aspect ratios, performed with clean cutting by SITEC
  • Production of precision parts for watches made of stainless steel and brass