Laser welding in Application

Using the laser-welding process, you will be able to solve various assembly tasks with low distortion as compared to conventional welding processes.


Benefits of the process

  • Small heat-affected zone and, thus, low distortion
  • Geometry-independent
  • "Wear-free tool”
  • Very fast
  • High accuracies
  • Automatable and integrable into the running production process


Typical applications

  • Laser welding of gear components, housings, shifter forks, gears
  • Laser welding of copper for hairpins (stator), battery cells and cell connectors
  • Small sub-assemblies
  • Electronic components


Which materials can be welded?

  • All materials, even conventionally weldable ones
  • Special materials
  • Much wider limits than conventionally weldable materials
  • Non-ferrous materials
  • Plastic materials


Laser-beam sources used / Laser power

  • CO2-lasers
  • Solid-state lasers: Nd:YAG-lasers, disk lasers, fibre lasers
  • Diode lasers
  • Laser power: 100 W - 20 kW (CO2 -YAG)


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