Our factory is smart: On the road to digitalization with Gaia-X


Data is the basis of the digital age and is central to all key and future technologies. Without access to machine data and its processing, innovative applications or artificial intelligence cannot be developed profitably.


To ensure data sovereignty and privacy, the German government has launched the Gaia-X initiative. The goal is to create an efficient, competitive, secure and trustworthy networked data infrastructure to accelerate the emergence of an innovative digital ecosystem.


In its strategic targets, the Free State of Saxony also states that the use of big data can expand existing business areas and open up new ones.


What does digitalization look like in Saxony's SMEs?

To answer this question, a delegation from the Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport (SMWA) and a representative of the Digital Agency Saxony (DiAS) and VEMASinnovativ visited us on November 2nd to learn more about current projects based on Gaia-X. Together we will take the opportunity to discuss the challenges and the future of digitalization.


Nico Nebel (Managing Director SITEC)

Jens Viertel (Team Manager Digital Products/TSE SITEC)

Björn Schuster (Site Manager N+P Informationssysteme GmbH)

f.l.t.r.: Marco Franke (DiAS), Lars Georgi (VEMASinnovativ), Björn Schuster (N+P) and Marc Rauhut (SMWA)


In our production halls, we demonstrated how we are already successfully using digital technologies to optimize our processes and generate innovative services for our customers. In this context, we presented concrete projects that we have implemented as part of research collaborations and in cooperation with our partner N+P Informationssysteme GmbH.


Nico Nebel in dialogue with representatives from politics and industry


f.l.t.r.: Dr. Robin Schulze (SITEC), Jens Viertel (SITEC), Björn Schuster (N+P), Till Hertwig (N+P), Dominique Schubert (SITEC), Nico Nebel (SITEC), Dr. Dirk Orlamünder (SMWA), Lars Georgi (VEMASinnovativ), Marco Franke (DiAS) and Marc Rauhut (SMWA)


This was not only a unique opportunity to provide our guests with valuable insights into the world of digitalization, its challenges and future opportunities, but also to represent Saxony as a location for digitalization.


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