Quality for plant construction

Using such process steps as “Quality planning“ and “Quality assurance” we ensure, in compliance with our certification according to VDA 6.4, that we have comprehensively understood and demonstrably implement the customers’ demands.


Quality planning in the field of plant construction includes, among others:


  • the QM-plan
  • use of such tools as risk assessment as well as FMEA with regard to the assembly process and customer product
  • provision of capabilities with regard to special features or of process parameters


Quality assurance in the field of plant construction includes, among others:


  • incoming goods inspection of designed production parts and bought-in components
  • internal pre-acceptance tests
  • evidencing machine and process capabilities as well as performance and function tests (OEE, 4D-report)
  • standard-compliant testing and measuring as well as co-operation with external test labs
  • comprehensive test-equipment management including internal and external test-equipment monitoring
  • use of such methods as, for instance, auditing, Turtle analysis, Ishikawa or 5xWhy in the team to continuously improve our production processes


For this broad field of activities, a team of qualified and experienced QM-employees, adequate testing and measuring equipment up to the 3D multi-sensor measuring machine for measurements in the µm range, a fully air-conditioned measuring room as well as other production-related measuring rooms are available.


At our customers, we have achieved A-supplier status in ratings and audits for years.